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About iAffirm

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of what is possible. Sometimes we all need a pat on the back. Sometimes we all need to remember there is beauty in the world, and within. Sometimes we all need a spiritual kick-start.

iAffirm can help.

iAffirm, developed through a collaboration between, Cynical Peak Software, and Sunscape Photography will provide you with beautiful sayings that you can repeat through the day when you need a pick-me-up. Make them your mantra. Make them a reminder. Make them yours!

Not feeling it? Simply give your iPhone a shake or a swipe and let fate cast another affirmation out of thousands of randomly generated possibilities. Each of iAffirm’s positive affirmations are accompanied by breathtaking original photography that can enhance your mood and delight your senses.

Shake it up. Say the phrase. See the pictures. Then visit and share your thoughts.

Take a break. Relax. Affirm.


iAffirm Features

  • Stunning Photography - Each affirmation is displayed on top of a beautiful photograph courtesy of Sunscape Photography. All images are licened from and copyright of Sunscape Photography.
  • Random generation - All phrases are randomly generated each time you shake or swipe the screen.
  • Over 1000 combinations - There are over 1000 possible combinations to come out of the random generator for phrase and picture combinatioins.