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About BioChart

According to Wikipedia, biorhythms are cycles in physiological, emotional, and intellection well-being or prowess. "Bio" pertains to life and "rhythm" pertains to the flow with regular movement.

The theory of biorhythms claims that one's life is affected by rhythmic biological cycles, and seeks to make predictions regarding these cycles and the personal ease of carrying out tasks related to the cycles. These inherent rhythms are said to control or initiate various biological processes and are classically composed of three cyclic rhythms that are said to govern human behavior and demonstrate innate periodicity in natural physiological change: the physical, the emotional, and the intellectual (or mental) cycles.

BioChart keeps your Biorhythms (and those of your friends, significant others, and anyone else) right at your fingertips.

BioChart Features

  • Address Book Integration - Automatically fills in the birthday of anyone you choose in your address book.
  • Multiple Charts - View 14-, 28-, or 60-day charts.
  • Pick Any Date - You aren't limited to the current date: pick one in the future or past. Plan the best time to get married, ask for a raise, or when to avoid the ice cream aisle at the grocery store.
  • Updated Frequently - We listen to your requests, and have a lot of cool features planned for free, frequent upgrades.