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You can purchase a license with either a credit card or from your PayPal account through our secure shopping cart. Please contact our customer support if you have any issues or questions when ordering.

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License Information

In addition to the email confirming your purchase, a second email will also be sent to you containing your license file. Entering the license into the demo version of Cyndicate will turn it into a fully licensed version. Please make sure that your email server and spam filter will accept messages from cynicalpeak.com to ensure that you receive the license email.

How to Register

Simply double clicking on the license file in the email will register Cyndicate for you. Cyndicate is set up to read the file and take care of the rest for you. If double clicking on it does not work, you can manually register Cyndicate with the license file. Save the file to your desktop for connivence. Then select the "Register Cyndicate..." item under the Cyndicate menu while in Cyndicate. You will be presented with a standard open dialog box. Select the license file you saved to your desktop and press the register button. Cyndicate will take care of everything else for you.

Upgrade Policy

All minor feature updates (2.x) and maintenance releases (2.1.x) are free for existing customers. Major upgrades (3.0, 4.0) are free to customers who purchased within one month prior to release. Customers who purchased outside of one month will receive a 50% discount on the upgrade.